Savsol Lubricants, a leading player in automotive and industrial lubricants, has launched Savsol Ester 5, a biodegradable lubricant targeted at high-end applications, automotives and Railways.

Unlike other automotive lubricants which are made of petroleum derivatives, Savsol Ester 5 is produced with edible oil fatty acid using molecules developed by the company in-house.

Currently, Savita Oil Technologies is the only company that produces Ester 5 lubricants in India and supplies to Harley Davidson, Hero MotoCorp, Mahindra & Mahindra and Tata Motors.

The company also expects use of Ester 5 lubricants opening up in EV batteries and super fast railway coaches since they leave less deposit in the engines and reduces friction to improve overall mileage.

The American Petroleum Institute classifies baseoil into different groups with 1 to 3 derived from crude oil, Group 4 is synthetic oils and Group 5 is most reliable Esters.

Gautam N Mehra, Chairman, Savita Technologies said the usage of Ester 5 lubricants in India is limited to high-end vehicles due to its cost and the industry is dependent on imports for supply.

Savsol Ester 5 will be a major import substitute and the company is exploring blend of Ester 5 lubricants with synthetic oils to make it more affordable for masses, he said.

In a bid to tap masses, the company has signed Bollywood youth icon Sidharth Malhotra as Brand Ambassador for Savsol Lubricants.

The Group 5 Esters are most reliable and high performing lubricant fluid which is used only in applications where failure is not an option, said Mehra.

Savsol Ester 5 will be competitively priced and bear minimum it will be cheaper by 7 per cent than imports as that is the customs duty levied on imports, he added.

Savita Technologies sees major opportunities in Ester-5 lubricants demand in the aviation (jet engines), railways, data centres, construction equipment, renewables (floating solar and wind gear boxes) space.

The company has Ester 5 production capacity of 2,000 tonne per annum at Mahad in Maharashtra and plans to double it by the end of the year.