Smarterhomes Technologies, a Bengaluru based utility automation company that provides smart water metering solutions, is one among the six finalists in the worldwide Urban Water Challenge, an annual global innovation competition that deploys and invests in scalable water solutions for tomorrow's mega cities.

Presented by Imagine H2O in partnership with Founding Partners Bluewater and 11th Hour Racing, The Urban Water Challenge has participation from over 220 start-ups from 38 countries representing a diverse range of innovative solutions to the global water crisis.

Urban Water Challenge 2019 empowers promising water technology start-ups and end-users to validate and deploy innovative solutions to advance progress towards urban water resilience. Led by a panel of industry experts, the finalists were evaluated on the basis of commercial viability, market readiness and impact.

The Challenge’s Founding Partners committed $500,000 in cash awards and pilot funding to validate and scale the winning solutions with fast-growing urban communities globally. Each finalist will showcase their solutions at World Water Week in Stockholm on August 25-30, 2019.

Vivek Shukla, CEO & Co-Founder, Smarterhomes Technologies, said “We are excited to be recognised for our technology led innovation to tackle water crisis. With rapid population growth and severe climate changes, every major city across the world is severely water stressed. On one hand we need a greater resolve to save water but on the other we require technology to help us manage our resources efficiently. The Urban Water challenge is a great initiative to encourage and support entrepreneurs who are working towards a secure water future.”