Spinny, a full-stack used car buying and selling platform has launched Spinny Park, a superlative experiential hub, near Yelahanka on the Kempegowda International Airport road, Bengaluru. 

Spread across a total area of five acres, Spinny Park sports an assortment of cars, including over 1,000 Spinny Assured cars and Spinny Max pre-owned luxury cars.

The experiential hub is replete with in-venue test-drive zones, curated interactive dashboards, customer lounges, and community zones.

Niraj Singh, Founder and CEO, Spinny, said, “In the quintessential Spinny way, we want to keep adding delight to every experience online, offline or both. Spinny Park is another step towards making the car buying experience unparalleled. It’s the first-of-its-kind automobile experiential hub with over 1,000 cars to choose from.” 

The company said every Spinny-assured car on the platform comes with a 200-point inspection checklist, a five-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, and a one-year after-sales warranty, which resonates with the brand’s promise of delivering complete transparency, convenience, trust, and quality.

Over the last couple of years, Spinny said it has had a cumulative customer base of over two lakhs, and almost 54 per cent of car purchases are done online from Spinny’s online platform.

Spinny operates more than 55 car hubs across the country with a total parking capacity of close to 10,000 cars.

In Bengaluru, Spinny is operating six car hubs with a total parking capacity of 1,200 cars.

With the addition of Spinny Park Bengaluru, the total capacity in the city will reach 2,200 cars.