The United States National Security Commission on AI (NSCAI) has proposed a strategic tech alliance between India and the US to address various geopolitical challenges and societal challenges using artificial intelligence, according to Dr Eric Schmidt, ex-Chairman, Alphabet, and Chairman of NSCAI.

Speaking virtually at the 93rd FICCI Annual Convention on Saturday, Dr Schmidt said,: “India is a natural central piece of a collation of democracy and strong bilateral partner which possesses a thriving economy, shares economic value and a common interest against authoritarianism in the Indo-Pacific area.”

The former Alphabet CEO highlighted the significance of AI in the present age calling it a “game-changer” while discussing various challenges that are emerging with the development of AI.

“China is rapidly becoming an AI peer in many areas and has concerted plans to invest in research and lead in AI. It’s also no surprise that Russia is developing AI for military uses, along with China, who has used AI as part of disinformation campaigns,” he said. The NSCAI Chairman suggested a strong bilateral partnership between the two countries for the development of AI to address these challenges while emphasising on the existing “strong technology partnership” between the two countries.

“There are growing connections between the two nations in the US around our shared city development of AI for societal application and, of course, using AI to counter disinformation,” he said.