Suguna Group, makers of poultry and poultry-based products, has entered the education sector with the setting up of Suguna Institute for Poultry Management.

Suguna Institute for Poultry Management is established under the Suguna Foundation with the main objective of enabling a scientific understanding of poultry farming in a most conducive environment through a well-structured curriculum, a press statement said.

The institute will offer specialised courses on feed manufacturing technology, incubation and hatchery management.

“Suguna shall provide continuous support to rural entrepreneurs in setting up and running their own farms and also offers 100 per cent placement to students upon completion of any of the diploma or certificate courses,” the statement said.

According to Mr B. Soundararajan, Chairman, Suguna Group, the Indian poultry industry employs more than 1,00,000 people, and most people enter the industry without formal education in poultry, and there is a need for formalised education in the sector.

The institute is located close to Suguna’s hatcheries, chicken processing plant, feed mills, breeder farms, broiler farms and labs, and will offer practical experience for students, the statement said.