France based global digital business services company Teleperformance plans to expand its India operations, in a bid to continue the double-digit growth performance in the region. As it increases the headcount in the region, Teleperformance is vying to increase its Indian client base, said Daniel Julien, Chairman and CEO, Teleperformance.

The company currently has 90,000 employees in India, and has planned to increase it to 150,000 in the next three years. “With more than 90,000 employees, our India presence plays a very important role, first as a Centre of Excellence for multiple elements related to technology and IT solutions. We have also decided to have India as global shared services for the entire group. For us, India is a major cornerstone of the present and of the future,” Julien told businessline.

While the near future is anticipated to be difficult for the global economy given the macro conditions. India, albeit remains isolated, and is the place everyone wants to be, as it offers labour arbitrage, ability to scale and technology, he added.

India, for the global inc, will take loftier goals, and invest in digital practice to become the global hub for the capability. The region will also invest in complex domain-specific tasks of customer experience in multiple areas - insurance, healthcare, financial services, and travel and hospitality. With this, it aims to compete with traditional BPO players like Genpact, WNS, and others.

About 50 per cent of the company’s clientele amounting to 110 clients are in India, across sectors of financial services, insurance, technology, and manufacturing. “We faced some headwinds over the last two years, hence we have not grown as rapidly. But 2024, we are repivoting by increasing our sales teams, increasing our capability and going with more cost efficient models on Tier 2 cities. This is going to help us increase the domestic market at least two times faster than it has grown over the last two years,” said Anish Mukker, CEO, Teleperformance India.

Commenting on the effect of newer technologies - Generative AI on job roles, Julien said “There’s been keen focus on the BPO industry about the fact that AI could be extraordinarily negative for the people in the industry, which we have not seen. We will integrate GenAI exactly like we have integrated RPA and many other technologies in the past.”