FMCG-major, ITC Ltd, today reiterated that there is no plastic in Aashirvaad atta, as claimed by some “malicious videos”.

Moreover, the company through a release pointed out that it has obtained a stay against the various malicious videos that are being circulated via WhatsApp and Facebook.

A court order issued by the Bengaluru Civil Court last year bars the circulation of such fake videos on social media.

ITC has also filed police complaints in Kolkata and Hyderabad against alleged miscreants who are spreading false information, it further said.

The release also said that what is being shown as plastic in these videos is actually wheat protein which is a mandated component of atta by the FSSAI and occurs naturally in many grains like wheat, oats, barley.

Several clarificatory videos have also been posted by independent persons setting the facts right.

ITC has also released media advertisements and digital campaigns explaining the factual position.