Tiger Analytics, an advanced analytics and AI consulting company, plans to double its employee headcount to 3,000 over the next six months.

The aggressive hiring comes on the back of wide-spread digital adoption and increase in data-driven decisions by companies across industries.

“We are about 1,500 people right now spread across India and the US. In the coming six months, we will look at adding another 1,500 people and even more subsequently,” said Pradeep Gulipalli, Co-founder & Chief Delivery Officer, Tiger Analytics.

He added that most of the hiring will be for profiles like management consultants who understand both technology as well as business and the correlation between the two.

Founded in 2011 by Mahesh Kumar and Gulipalli, the Chennai-based analytics company enables enterprises to generate business value through data and technology. Its services include marketing analytics, customer analytics, operations & planning and risk analytics.

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While big-tech companies were the early adopters of data science and analytics, the Covid-induced digital transformation and the resultant spurt in data generation have pushed even traditional industries to follow suit.

A recent AI Prediction 2021 study by PwC found that despite a tough year for many, US companies have been accelerating plans to implement artificial intelligence (AI). A quarter of the companies, who participated in the survey, reported widespread AI adoption while another 54 per cent said they are heading there fast.

“No single industry is left behind. Everyone is looking at how they can become a tech-driven or AI-driven company by mining tons of business data that is generated every minute,” Gulipalli said, adding, “For instance, we working with one of world’s largest restaurant chain and one of the largest India-based global steel manufacturers to solve their different business problems using different kinds of data.”

Currently, 30 percent of Tiger Analytics business comes from retail consumer-packaged goods (CPG), 30 per cent from the insurance sector and 20 per cent each from manufacturing & logistics and miscellaneous sectors. The company is seeing serious growth opportunities in banking and healthcare sectors.

On a geographical basis, the US accounts for about 80 per cent of the business followed by the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

“There is a dedicated effort to expand into Europe. We are seeing some initial success in the UK and to that effect we have also started an office in London. We will see European business growing over time,” Gulipalli said.

The 10-year-old company will also cross $100 million in annual revenue in the current fiscal. “Last 12 months, we have grown about 175%. Next year also, we will grow north of 100% and we expect this growth trajectory to continue for the next five years,” Gulipalli added.

Tiger Analytics is fully bootstrapped and profitable in every single quarter since its inception.

The company is also looking to raise funds via an initial public offering (IPO) or private equity (PE) route to fuel its next phase of growth.

“We shouldn’t think that all growth will come organically. We have to look at some acquisitions to expand geographically or to get into new areas and for that capital will come in handy,” Gulipalli said.

He added that the company is looking for the right time and right kind of avenue to raise external funding.