Tisva, the home lighting division of the diversified Usha International Ltd, is on an expansion drive of its decorative lighting brand offering.

Vikas Gandhi, Business Head, Vice-President, Lighting, Tisva, said: “Over the past two years, Tisva has gradually expanded its presence and offers its home lighting products through a chain of 15 exclusive outlets and plans to take this number to 25 with the addition of 10 more stores during the year.

Steady growth

“The exclusive store expansion is based on a combination of company-owned and franchisee stores.”

The country’s lighting market is growing at a steady pace and closed last year with a market size of about ₹22,000 crore and is projected to cross ₹25,000-crore mark this year.

If the current growth is any indication, it is set to be a ₹35,000-crore market by 2020, with LED lighting accounting for about 60 per cent of the total market (about ₹21,500 crore).

LED currently accounts for 30-32 per cent of the overall market, according to industry data, Gandhi said.

Gandhi told BusinessLine that “The home lighting is a fragmented market, with products from China, in particular, making inroads.

“In this market, the organised home lighting business is estimated at ₹800 crore and poised to grow steadily. We are looking to garner 30 per cent share within three years.”

“A number of businesses which market Chinese products are keen to be part of Tisva business,” he said.

“This is an era where people tend to prefer exclusivity in their living spaces. With a combination of lighting range and solutions, Tisva can make a difference to people in their homes, offering lighting system that suits them best, apart from offering them right colour options.”

By incorporating the ability to customise lighting, the home decorative lighting becomes more versatile as it can be adjusted to suit the moods and requirements.

Tisva is seeking to reach out with the support of interior designer Gauri Khan and architects in the era of exclusive and designer living spaces.