Vitesco Technologies, a leading international provider of modern drive technologies and solutions for electromobility, today, announced that it became the recipient of the third German Design Award: “Excellent Communications Design - Audiovisual” for its brand sound. 

Vitesco Technologies was previously honoured with the German Design Awards in 2021 for its “Corporate Identity” and “Brand Identity” efforts. The official award ceremony will take place on January 26, 2024 in Frankfurt (Main).

“I am incredibly proud of my team, which has positioned our young brand extremely successfully in such a short time,” said Dr Anne-Kathrin Bräu, Head of Communications at Vitesco Technologies. “The repeated recognition of our brand sound, this time with the German Design Award 2024, once again confirms this great team spirit,” Bräu added.

In October of this year, Vitesco Technologies was named “Winner” of the International Sound Awards 2023 in the “Audio Branding” category with its brand sound -- a central element of the brand as the tone sequence of the sound is based on the brand symbol -- the “V”. It follows a descending and then ascending form that resembles the “V”. The central tone is the A, as yellow -- the brand color of Vitesco Technologies -- is subconsciously associated with this tone by many people.