WS Audiology, a global leader in hearing aid design and manufacturing, is establishing a new manufacturing facility in Bengaluru to expand its capabilities and services in India.

“We are excited about the upcoming new facility, which represents a significant step forward in our commitment to the Indian market. The facility is designed to enhance our capabilities and service offerings in the country,” said Avinash Pawar, Managing Director and CEO of WS Audiology India.

While specific financial details remain undisclosed, the facility is set to be operational by mid-2024.

Crucial market

Further, recognising India as a crucial market, the company has witnessed consistent growth by fostering awareness and accessibility.

In India, the company has five offices spread across key locations and a team of over 500 employees.

New launch

Their latest launch is a device capable of identifying and focusing on each person’s voice in a conversation, minimising background noise, and ensuring improved speech understanding—even in dynamic social settings.

Traditional hearing aids often struggle in noisy environments, lacking the agility to switch directional modes swiftly, said the company. The new product goes beyond improved hearing; it empowers users to confidently engage and contribute to noisy group conversations, tracking and enhancing multiple speakers in real-time, explained Pawar.

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Moreover, as it continues to grow its business in the country, it also tied up with Titan Eyecare, a division of the Titan Company.

Globally, over 1.6 billion people are impacted by hearing loss, with 430 million facing severe conditions requiring intervention. The World Health Organisation projects a rise to 2.5 billion people with hearing loss by 2050, with at least 700 million experiencing disabling conditions. In India, approximately 63 million people, comprising 6.3 per cent of the population, grapple with significant auditory impairment.