Zomato is piloting a health cover worth ₹3,00,000 for tenured delivery partners, which is extendable to their families. The pilot is currently live in Delhi, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad.

The food delivery company defines tenured partners as gig workers who have been with the platform since the launch of the delivery service in their respective cities. For instance, food delivery was launched in Delhi in 2018, so anyone who has been in the system for over 4 years will be eligible for health coverage, and in the case of Ahmedabad, it will be over 3 years. In Q1FY23, Zomato said it had an average of 319,000 delivery partners.

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This development comes closely after reports of multiple road accidents resulting in delivery partners’ death on duty. In August, the Indian Federation of App based Transport Workers (IFAT) had written a letter to Zomato’s CEO, Deepinder Goyal demanding compensation for a delivery partner’s death in Indore. IFAT said that Sunil Kumar was robbed and stabbed by three men while he was on his way to deliver a food order.

Zomato’s medical covers

Zomato noted that all delivery partners have medical cover worth ₹1,00,000 and in FY22, about 9210 partners were supported with ₹15.94 crores worth of disbursements, out of which ₹9.8 crores was used for hospitalisation against illness and diseases.

The food delivery company also offers ₹5000 worth of out-patient department, which can be extended to delivery partners’ families. In FY22, 13,645 delivery partners and their families benefitted from OPD support with ₹2.3 crores disbursed in claim amount.

Further, for an injury causing a temporary disability to a delivery partner, Zomato offers a loss of pay of ₹525 per day up to ₹50,000. To provide a safety net, the company offers ₹10,00,000 worth of life cover, which includes a dedicated amount for funeral expenses in an unfortunate case of a delivery partner’s demise.

“All this information is readily available on the delivery partner app in the language of the delivery partner’s choice. Delivery partners can raise a claim through their app itself. In case of an emergency, we have a dedicated point of contact for delivery partners who hand-hold them with the process of a claim till it reaches their bank accounts,” Zomato said in a statement. The company also noted that the total claims disbursed in FY22 have increased 5.5x as compared to FY21.