Spotify listeners’ highly anticipated, year-end Wrapped is here. The Swedish music streaming platform released its Wrapped 2022 on Wednesday, November 30. Wrapped is a yearly personalised insight into a user’s most preferred artists to genres and even lets them know their listening history and trends. It tracks a user’s listening trends from January to October. This year’s Wrapped also came with a new feature that states listeners’ personality type, reflected through music. 

But what, and who has India been listening to in 2022? Here, we had a look at the Spotify charts and data to create a Wrapped for the platform’s Indian users. 

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No surprises here. Arijit Singh topped the charts consistently this year. During the tracking period, he held two 21-week streaks as number one in India’s ‘Top Artist’ chart. In 2022 alone, close to 50 of his songs were released. His No.1 streak was lost when Pritam topped the chart for two weeks, but Singh soon regained footing. The stellar success of both these artists could be attributed to the release of the hit song ‘Kesariya’ from the movie ‘Brahmastra,’ which was composed by Pritam and sung by Singh. Singh also stayed in the Top 5 for all 45 weeks, with Pritam and A R Rahman (44 weeks) tied for second place. Anirudh Ravichander (34 weeks) also saw massive success after the release of ‘Arabic Kuthu: Halamithi Habibo’ from the Tamil film ‘Beast.’ 

Shreya Ghoshal, with 17 weeks, remains the only female artist this year to enter the top 5 of the Top Artists chart. She was tied with AP Dhillon for fourth place. Rapper Sidhu Moose Wala, who was assassinated earlier this year, spent 15 weeks on Top 5. 

Among the biggest hits for Indian Spotify users, ‘Excuses’ by AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill and Intense saw the highest number of weeks spent in the top five spots of the ‘Top Song’ chart at a 33-week streak. The song also held the top spot of the chart for 15 weeks, between the week of January 13 and April 21. Released in July 2020, it was streamed more than 148 million times in the tracking period alone. Shae Gill’s and Ali Sethi’s Pasoori (28 weeks) and Shubh’s ‘No Love’ (23 weeks) followed suit. 

Notably, ‘Kesariya’ has topped this chart at number one every week since its release in July 2022, giving it a 16-week streak as the top runner. It has gained more than 100 million listens since its release. Following the smash hit, Ravichander’s ‘Arabic Kuthu’ (14 weeks) consistently stayed in the top five songs, making it the only South Indian language song to do so. These five songs were also the most streamed songs in India during the tracking period. 

We curated India’s Spotify Wrapped in a playlist for you, according to your smash hits this year. Take to listening the songs below.