Like Spotify Wrapped, YouTube Music announced the recap feature last year. The feature pulls up the songs, artists, , and other music-related data.

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In addition to the existing algorithm, YouTube Music brought a Top Trends chart this year on its “Your Recap” page. This year’s recap will show users the artists they discovered prior to others, and an Identity feature that will provide users a personalised “music personality”, based on listening habits. YouTube recaps will also pull up the Live Performances and remixes that one has been a part of through out the year.

When users highlight their top songs from each season, they will now get Shareable cards capable of personalisation, and can add their own picture via Google Photos.

YouTube Music recap feature

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There is a list of all-hit YouTube Music playlists for 2022 that includes Hits, Hip Hop, Indie, Alternative, Pop, Dance & Electronic, Rock, Metal, R&B, Country, K-Pop, Música Mexicana, Música Tropical, Rock Latino, Latin.

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YouTube Music recap can be accessed on both Android and iOS devices. Audiences also havethe liberty to share their chart across social media platforms.

Amidst YouTube’s demanding Music recap feature, reports also suggested that its app for iOS was crashing frequently. In a recent Tweet by the company, YouTube acknowledged the glitch and said it is working on fixing it.