The ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Technology has signed an MoU with the Indian Marine Ingredients Association (IMIA) for post-harvest innovation, research, value additions and responsible industry practices.

George Ninan, Director, CIFT and Mohamed Dawood Sait, President, IMIA signed the MoU and under this agreement. IMIA is committed to protect the sustainability of the Indian fisheries sector and adopt the upgraded production process for the manufacturing of fishmeal utilising the fishery waste generated by the industry.

This collaboration will be further strengthened through specific sub-agreements, whereby ICAR-CIFT will provide technical advice and support to IMIA on efficient extraction and refinement protocols for the production of neutraceutical products, feed formulations and Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil.


George Ninan said the collaboration fosters the sustainability in fisheries by adopting suitable and effective measures in utilising the waste generated by the fisheries industry for the production of high value products which can be used for various applications. By collaborating with ICAR-CIFT, IMIA can adopt suitable protocols for the extraction of neutraceuticals and omega-3 fatty acids which enhances the revenue generated.

Mohammed Dawood Sait said the initiative will help India to emerge as a leader in sustainable marine ingredient production and significantly enhance the livelihoods of those involved in pelagic fisheries and the broader aqua-feed industry. It ensures bringing transformative changes that will benefit the industry and contribute to the long-term sustainability of India’s marine ecosystems.