The Central Training Institute, Mannuthy under the Directorate of Extension, Kerala Agricultural University in collaboration with Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority is organising a virtual Farmer-Scientists interface on GI tagged rice varieties on Tuesday.

The objective of meeting is to strengthen export-oriented production of GI-tagged rice varieties in Kerala by involving farmers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. Legal and legislative support for cultivating traditional rice varieties, problems and prospects of cultivation of GI-tagged rice varieties, experiences of farmers, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), recommended doses of plant protection inputs suitable for export, importance of adopting Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs), prospects of export of GI rice will be discussed in the interface.

As many as 20 Palakkadan Matta rice cultivating farmers are expected to participate in offline mode at the seminar hall.

Simi Unnikrishnan, Assistant General Manager, APEDA, New Delhi will participate in the programme and discuss the issues related to the export of GI rice varieties.

Jayasree Krishnankutty, Director of Extension, Kerala Agricultural University said that the objective of the Farmer-Scientists interface would be doubling the income of rice farmers through export of GI rice cultivated in Kerala.