In a novel initiative to address the challenges faced by farmers due to diseases in pepper plants, which often lead to crop damage, Herbal Isolates Pvt Ltd of Synthite group -- the world’s largest producer of green pepper products -- has collaborated with St Jude, a startup firm based in Kasaragod.

As part of the initiative, trials will be conducted using an organic plant immune stimulator on pepper plants in South India, mainly in Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu. 

The plant immune stimulator offers an organic solution to enhance immunity, reducing the reliance on chemical pesticides. “We hope that this will enable farmers to command a better price for their products, especially in the EU market,” said Jacob Ninan, Managing Director, Herbal Isolates Pvt Ltd.

The initiative mainly aims to reduce pesticide application in farms, raise farmers awareness about using the right organic manure, and enhance the export potential of their produce.

By adopting these practices, benefits including premium prices for farmers and improved quality and marketability of their products can be ensured.

Herbal Isolates, the Synthite group firm, was established in 1984. Today this is a top resource for pepper products such as Dehydrated Green Pepper (crushed and whole), Green Pepper in Brine, Red Pepper in Brine and a host of subsidiary products like Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins.