Lower arrivals at Kochi auctions has lifted tea prices with average price realisation witnessing a ₹7 increase at ₹147 compared to the previous week.

The offered quantity in CTC in sale 19, was lower at 5,68,907 kg, thanks to declining production in plantations. However, traders hope that the situation is likely to change soon with the start of summer rains across the state. The sale of low-priced teas was also lower in the auctions, they added.

The market was strong in CTC dust, with a sales percentage of 89 with good liquoring teas was firm to dearer by ₹2 to ₹3 and sometimes more. There was an active participation of blenders and they together, absorbed 59 per cent of the total CTC quantity sold.

Orthodox dust market was lower with exporters, continued to be the main stakeholders. The quantity offered was 7,000 kg only.

According to traders, orthodox leaf prices have started showing a drop, mainly because of the improvement in production in North India with summer rains catching up.

The auctioneers Forbes, Ewart & Figgis said that the offered quantity in orthodox leaves was 1,19,149 kg with whole leaf and brokens was firm to dearer. Exporters to CIS and Middle East countries were active and there was some upcountry demand.

In CTC leaf, best brokens was lower while medium and plain gained. The offered quantity was 29,500 kg.