As onion farmers in Maharashtra are finally starting to see better prices for their produce after a challenging year, the Maharashtra State Onion Producers Association has stepped in urging farmers to assess their storage capacity and sell their onions gradually to maintain market stability.

According to the association, over the past two years, onion farmers have faced rock-bottom prices, selling their produce at meagre rates. “This was largely due to various government decisions, such as export bans and export duties, which drove down market prices. Now, as prices improve, various rumours are making the rounds, threatening to destabilise the market once again. Farmers should not be swayed by these rumours and should continue to sell their onions in phases” said Bharat Dighole, President of the Association.

Onion farmers alleged that there are ongoing efforts, both direct and indirect, to manipulate onion prices. Deliberate attempts are being made to scare farmers into flooding the market with their produce, thereby lowering prices.

Dighole said the Union government has recently introduced a large-scale buy-sell scheme to control onion prices. Under this scheme, onions will be bought and sold in the market to stabilise prices.

The association has appealed to farmers, “ Do not fall prey to rumours. Evaluate the storage capacity of your onions and sell them gradually to keep market prices under your control. If any attempt is made by the State or Union governments or any other entity to directly lower onion prices, the association is prepared to respond appropriately. Farmers with stored onions, as well as those who will have new onions soon, are urged to stand firmly with the association”.