Chennai-based Tropical Agrosystem (India),  a crop protection and plant nutrition firm, will introduce 16 new farming solutions from seed treatment to post-harvest care during the upcoming kharif cropping season starting June.

The solutions include four fungicides, four herbicides, seven insecticides and a fertilizer — magnesium hydroxide and zinc phosphate — that can be used on all crops to improve flowering and fruit setting, a company press release said. 

VK Jhaver, Founder of Tropical Agrosystem (India), said his company was committed to its mission to equip farmers with advanced technological formulations to effectively manage crop-related issues such as pests, diseases and soil deficiencies. 

Mohan Kumar, President of Tropical Agrosystem (India), the company’s products are engineered to cover challenges across diverse crop ranges from black matpe (urad), chillies, cumin, potato, paddy, tomato, wheat, maize, cotton, bengal gram, cabbage, groundnut, pigeon pea, soyabean, sugarcane to tea and more. 

Meeting evolving needs

The newly unveiled range comprises a diverse array of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and biological products, catering to the evolving needs of the farming community, the company said.

The fungicides will tackle powdery mildew, rust, fruit rot (anthracnose), alternaria blight, early and late blight, seth blight, stem rot, leaf spot, fruit spot, yellow rust in crops such as black gram, chillies, cumin, potato, paddy, tomato, wheat.

The insecticides help prevent the impact of jassids, white fly, brown plant hopper, thrips, leaf hopper, aphids, pod borer, Spodoptera litura, diamondback moth, fruit borer, American bollworm, stem borer, leaf folder, semi looper, helicoverpa armigera, early shoot borer, mites, chloris barbata, parthenium and carpet weed besides others.

Cotton, paddy, chilli, cabbage, sugarcane, Bengal gram, black matpe, groundnut, pigeon pea, soyabean, tea and tomato among other crops will benefit from these insecticides.