VST Zetor Pvt Ltd, the joint venture between VST Tillers Tractors Ltd and HTC Investments, has launched three HP ( Horse Power) tractors. The three new tractors launched in the range of 41 to 50 HP are VST Zetor 4211, VST Zetor 4511, and VST Zetor 5011.

The products are jointly developed by VST and Zetor after taking inputs from the farming community in India, as per the company statement. 

The plant for production of the tractors is located at Hosur, which is 80.6 acres. The plant also produces tractors, which are exported to various countries. The price of the tractors ranges from ₹8-9 lakh. 

The tractors incorporate domestically built DI Engine, mesh transmission with helical gears, and VZmatic hydraulics. The tractors have dual diaphragm clutch, optimum turning radius, adjustable seat, dual-acting power steering, and aerodynamic styling. These features make them suitable for land preparation, post-harvest operations, heavy-duty non-agricultural tasks, primary and secondary tillage, and agricultural haulage.

According to the company’s statement, the States that play a key role as their market in India include Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. The target of the company is the small and the marginalised segment of the agricultural industry. 

“The launch of these tractors is a significant milestone as with these models we are entering into the 60 per cent of the tractor industry of India, that is the higher HP segment. These tractors are engineering marvels developed with the fast frugal and future ready approach of VST with trusted, timeless & tough identity of Zetor, to offer technological efficiency for better earnings to the farmer. Going with its vision statement to emerge as the best solution provider for farm mechanisation VST Zetor will introduce many more products in the Indian and International markets soon,” said Mr. Antony Cherukara, MD VST Zetor.

VST Zetor aims to sell 5,000 units of the new tractor in India within the next two years.

(Inputs from BL intern Meghna Barik)