Finance Ministry has imposed definitive anti-dumping duty on “Synthetic Grade Zeolite 4A (detergent grade)” imports from China.

Zeolite 4A (detergent grade) is mainly used in detergents as a builder. Zeolites are micro porous crystalline solids with well defined structures. Generally they contain silicon, aluminium and oxygen in their framework and Cat-ions, water and/or other molecules and are extensively mined in many parts of the world. 

Many occur naturally as minerals, and are extensively mined in many parts of the world. The definitive anti dumping duty will be valid for five years.

Based on the recommendations of the Designated Authority in its Sunset Review investigations, the revenue department has now imposed definitive anti dumping duty of $163.90 per tonne on Zeolite 4A (detergent grade) produced by Chalco Shandong Advance Material Co Ltd and exported to India.

For all other producers/exporters from China, the anti-dumping duty has been pegged at $207.72 per tonne.

Gujarat Credo Mineral Industries Limited (GCMIL) had filed the petition seeking sunset review investigations on Zeolite 4A (detergent grade) imports from China.