There have been recent media reports that the airport in Chennai may not get many long-haul widebody international flights for lack of aerobridges and other operational limitations. These reports are devoid of facts and accuracy, the Airports Authority of India clarified.

The Chennai Airport terminal complex has 13 Aerobridges and an additional aerobridge for Code E is under construction and will be operational by March 2024. Out of the 13, five can cater to Code E aircraft, says a release from AAI.

Once the second phase of T2 is completed in 2025, additional 3 Code E capable aerobridges will be available soon. So, after 2025, nine aerobridges will be available for Code E aircrafts for international operations in swing mode, the release said.

Aircraft A380 mentioned in the news stories is the flagship of Code-F type of aircraft whose production has been stopped since 2021.

The new generation wide-bodied long-haul aircrafts A350 and B777 which are being operated and which are being ordered by airlines for future are Code-E type of aircraft and Chennai Airport can handle them, the release said.