Sadhav Shipping has started operations of crew transfer services between Mumbai Port to ONGC Offshore installations through its newly acquired fast crew vessel “Sadhav Anusha”.

The NSE Emerge listed company had purchased and mobilised the ship for ₹64 crore and has signed a five year contract with ONGC for about ₹150 crore.

The state oil major ONGC has started transport service for its personnel from various oil platforms and drilling rigs in Mumbai High and Sadhav Anusha was the first to undertake this type of operations.

The ship has business class seats, dynamic positioning system, gyro stabiliser and motion compensated gangway. It is expected to relieve the stress on services provided by helicopters which was traditionally used by employees. Sadhav Anusha ushers in a new era of safe and efficient offshore crew transfer operations, said the company.

Mathavan Chandran, Executive Director, ONGC said passengers will feel safe, secured and comfortable during offshore installation travels with the introduction of the modern vessel.

Incorporated in 1996, Mumbai-based Sadhav Shipping owns and operates over 24 vessels in various sectors of maritime trade.