The South Central Railway (SCR) recorded it’s ‘best-ever’ monthly performance in freight segment during January 2024.

The zone achieved 131 MT of Originating Loading during the month of January 2024, which is the highest-ever loading recorded in any month. 

The previous best was 12.517 MT of Originating loading achieved during May 2023. Also, the freight loading has witnessed seven per cent growth when compared to the same month (January 2023) last year. 

In spite of the zone operating several special trains like Sankranti Specials, Sabarimala Specials, etc. along with major infrastructure works, meticulous planning of both Passenger and freight operations has led to this record performance, Arun Kumar Jain, General Manager, SCR said in release. 

In terms of earnings, SCR achieved ₹1,296 crore in originating freight revenue during January 2024, the highest-ever monthly earnings in the freight segment since its inception.

The previous best was ₹1,281 Crore revenue earned during December 2022. Compared to previous year in the same month, the revenue in January 2024, is 6.4 per cent higher.

Coal, the major loading commodity of the zone contributed its best with 6.497 MTs transported during the month, while Cement loading was 3.278 MT.

Other significant commodities which have contributed towards overall freight loading of SCR include: Foodgrains (0.851 MTs), fertilizers (0.851 MT), iron ore (0.423 MT), raw materials for steel plants (0.375 MT), containers (0.200 MT) and other goods (0.647 MT).