Vistara employees will know about their new roles in the merged entity through the months of May and June, the airline's chief executive officer Vinod Kannan said on Saturday.

In a letter to employees, Kannan tried to assuage their concerns related to integration.

"Over the last 3 months, the independent consultant appointed for the integration, has been working with relevant HR teams on the mapping and fitment of the staff across both organisations to come up with the organogram for the merged entity. This applies to all non-crew staff (i.e. all staff except pilots and cabin crew). This process is almost complete for most verticals and we intend to complete this process by the end of this month," Kannan wrote. 

"We would be setting up a staff townhall to explain the process followed and key principles that were used to derive the final organization fitment. This will be followed by detailed updates to each of you on your assigned role in the combined organization. This will happen through May and Jun 24," he said.

Kannan said it was but natural for staff to be anxious about the fitment process but the airline is committed to ensure that all our staff have a relevant and suitable role in the merged organization. 

Kannan additional townhalls will be held for pilots early next week on issue of career progression. 

"We have transitioned to a new contract for pilots and are working on feedback and concerns that have been received around this. Cabin crew have also reached out to me to get clarity on their contracts and whether there will be any changes implemented for them ahead of the merger. We are evaluating this and will be communicating to our cabin crew with further details," he said.

"Once we have NCLT approval, we can start implementation of some of the aspects of the merger that we have been working on thus far – movement of larger number of people especially in back office and corporate roles, systems transition and data migration, communications to our customers and partners on the timelines and modality of integration etc," Kannan said.