All the components used in a vehicle can be traced to their original component manufacturer, if a Road Ministry’s draft notification were to be implemented.

The proposal is to use a technology termed — microdot — which requires spraying the body and parts of the vehicle or any other machine with microscopic dots that can be read with a microscope and identified with a ultra violet light source, which give a unique identification.

Use of this technology will help check theft of vehicles and also use of fake spare parts, said an official release. This can potentially be used for mandatory vehicle recall as well.

The microdots and adhesive will become permanent fixtures, which cannot be removed without damaging the asset, that is the vehicle itself. The notification says that the microdots, if affixed,will have to comply with standards specified by Automotive Research Association of India.

The proposal includes amending Central Motor Vehicle Rules, to allowing motor vehicles and their parts, components, assemblies, sub-assemblies to be affixed with permanent and nearly invisible microdots that can be read physically with a microscope and identified with ultra violet light source. The Ministry has sought comments / objections on the draft notification within 30 days.