Reliance Industries Group Chairman, Mukesh Ambani on Saturday said that 5G and 5G-enabled digital solutions can bring affordable and high-quality education and skill development within the reach of common Indians.

Speaking at the sixth India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2022, he said 5G will help young Indians realise their full potential by arming them with world class capabilities and competencies so that they can earn more and make India globally competitive.

"To my mind, it is a foundational technology that unlocks the full potential of other 21st century technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, Blockchain, and will not be an exaggeration to say that 5G is like a Digital Kamadhenu, the heavenly cow that grants whatever we desire," Ambani said at the inaugural session of the IMC 2022.

He said 5G can affordably deliver high-quality healthcare to rural and remote areas by turning existing hospitals into smart hospitals without much additional investment.

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"This will make services of best doctors digitally available anywhere in India, dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of diagnostics, and enable real-time clinical decision making. All this will enhance health, wealth and happiness of all Indians," he said.

Digital society

Ambani further said that 5G can bridge the gap between urban and rural India by accelerating digitisation and intelligent data management of agriculture, services, trade, industry, informal sector, transportation, and energy infrastructure.

He said 5G can make available the same powerful productivity tools to small-scale industry and commercial enterprises that are used by large capital-intensive businesses. This will drive modernisation and profitability of all sectors.

"By bringing artificial intelligence into every domain, 5G can power India’s emergence as the world’s intelligence capital. This will help India become a major exporter of high-value added digital solutions and services," he said.

"By harnessing the combined power of demography and digital technologies, India can become the world’s leading digital society...acceleration of growth by making India a $40-trillion economy by 2047, up from $3 trillion today, and inclusion in development by increasing our per capita income rapidly to over $20,000, from $2,000 today," Ambani added.