Over 80 per cent of the IT industry professionals who undertook upskilling programs reported being able to future-proof their careers, revealed the findings from the recently released Emeritus India Impact Survey. 

As emerging technologies transform workplaces globally, a skill gap is “inevitable”, as per a 2023 report by Deloitte. With the existing job roles fast-evolving and new ones emerging, over 50 per cent of the global workforce — about 1 billion people — will need to be reskilled by 2030, as per the World Economic Forum

Mohan Kannegal, CEO, India and APAC, Emeritus, said, “With today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape which is revolutionising every field and giving way to new roles, reskilling and upskilling is the key to every company and individual’s growth. It is heartening for us to see from the survey that the number of professionals gaining an edge from upskilling programs in technology and IT services is sharply rising.”

This is reflected in the increasing interest among professionals and companies in the domains of software and IT services, as well as technology and innovation to upskill themselves, as per the findings. Among all the industries, the technology sector emerged as the largest industry witnessing upskilling demand, it said.

Other findings from the survey

The Survey found that over 80 per cent of the professionals in the technology and innovation industry reported being able to learn valuable tools and strategies from the upskilling programs that they could immediately apply to their work.

On the other hand, about 87 per cent said that the programs provided them with the skills and training needed to advance in their career.

Of the surveyed professionals, 2 in 3 reported building the confidence needed to move ahead on the corporate ladder and were also certain that the knowledge, skills, tools, and strategies they learned from the professional upskilling programs helped future-proof their careers.