Sikka outlines new strategy for Infosys

Our Bureau Bangalore | Updated on October 10, 2014 Published on October 10, 2014

Gearing up for a revolution Vishal Sikka, Chief Executive Officer, Infosys. - GRN SOMASHEKAR

Two-pronged approach will renew core systems and processes, target new areas

Vishal Sikka’s new strategy for Infosys revolves around renewing core (existing) systems and processes while innovating into new frontiers.

Articulating his strategy with a presentation entitled ‘The Human Revolution – Infosys strategy in a time of pervasive digital transformation’, Sikka said the world is being reshaped by software and software-driven technologies in a very fundamental and profound way. That transformation is affecting every industry and every business and as a result, there is a great opportunity for every company, Infosys included, to transform itself.

Renewing, rethinking

One dimension of the strategy involves renewing and rethinking existing systems to improve and get more value out of them and make them more relevant to the emerging world.

“In the IT world, it means re-platforming or bringing cloud scale, elasticity and economics to systems and to integrate existing systems to connect them to the world of sensors, mobility, Internet of Things, intelligent systems, analytics and big data. For this, Infosys must look into amplifying the ability of our clients and not just augmenting the ability of clients.”

Going beyond

At the same time, Infosys is bringing in new things such as the Infosys platform on big data. Here, the company has started many proofs of concept with clients, with artificial intelligence-led innovations and new kinds of applications, as well as with new services done with design-led thinking, where Infosys works together with the clients to co-create new solutions.

Culture, he said, is all about re-skilling the workforce, to get them to think differently and understand new business realities, new business models and the new systems and processes they need to learn. “Nothing that we do will be the same as before. Clients don’t want augmenting; they want new business outcomes.” “People fear that automation will replace human beings and make them irrelevant; it is complete nonsense. Even before the industrial revolution, technology has worked to empower people, to amplify their reach, to enable us to do more. And it will continue to do so.

Published on October 10, 2014
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