IT major Wipro’s former CEO Thierry Delaporte, who resigned on April 6, said with the foundational elements of the company’s transformation plan in place, his main goal is completed. 

In his last e-mail to employees, Delaporte wrote, “Together with the leadership team and with your commitment and efforts, Wipro’s revenues have grown by 35 per cent in the last four years. We’ve generated 25 per cent more profit than in the previous four years. Wipro’s stock price has grown 2.5x in value during this time! This you can all be proud of.”

The executive also accounted that together with the leadership team, Wipro has initiated an ambitious and radical transformation like no other company in the industry has undertaken in the last two decades. It has made bold changes and big improvements since.

“Twelve acquisitions is no mean feat of vision, strategy and effort from you all, especially when two of them happen to be among the largest ones in Wipro’s history -- Capco and Rizing,” he wrote. 

From defining a new market strategy, to resetting the operating model for client centricity and agility, from simplifying processes for faster decision making, to doubling down on delivery and account excellence, Wipro’s position today is one of strength, respect and confidence. Wipro is now seen, conclusively, as the transformation partner of clients, Delaporte noted.

As he parts, in his closing message, he said, “Protect your bold ambitions and big goals, feed it with discipline and attention to excellence, have faith in your company, and confidence in yourself. Wipro is for you, by you, and here for you. Keep taking your company to higher highs!”