At a time when there are widespread concerns regarding the impact of sources of artificial intelligence (AI) such as Chat GPT on job creation, CEA Ananth Nageswaran, said that it may prove to be a “win-win” proposition instead of a “lose-lose” one. He also said that such tools could prove to be “employment generating” rather than “employment reducing”.

“It (impact of AI on job market) is something that the world will be finding answers to as we go along but at this point it can be a positive source of growth for a country like India. If these sources of AI can improve productivity of workers and companies, therefore, can assign less number of people to a given project as they can substitute them with these engines, it also means they can take on far more number of projects than they were used to taking. So in that sense it may not be a lose-lose proposition, it can be a win-win one,” he said. 

However there is a need to upskill and make the people competent enough to take advantage of these tools and new interventions and innovations. “Given our growth the fact we are still climbing from lower middle income to middle income it opens up capacity and potential for our own IT enabled enterprises so it can be employment generating rather than employment reducing. But over a longer period it may have implications for certain industries and job creation so it’s a multi-pronged, multi-year approach we need to do to harness its benefits and limit the negative impact it has got,” he added.