Amazon India on Friday launched ‘AmazeWIT Circles’, a dedicated networking virtual event to educate women and prepare them for careers in technology.

The ‘AmazeWIT Circles’ is designed for seasoned software development engineers. The half-day-long virtual event is led by technology leaders at Amazon who cover topics relevant to technical upliftment and sustained career development.

“While women today are taking up and growing in various roles within the technology space, the numbers are still lower due to a lack of exposure and mentorship. I am excited about the launch of AmazeWIT Circles, which is a unique networking and learning event for women from the technology space to connect, engage, and educate themselves. The speed mentoring will also help them demystify what to expect in tech careers. Through AmazeWIT Circles, we look at creating an increased women’s technology talent pool in India,” said Deepti Varma, Vice President, People and Experience Technology (PXT), Amazon Stores India & Emerging Markets.

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AmazeWIT Circles is a cohort-based connection that helps women to hone their skills and address the challenges faced by working women. It includes leadership sessions focusing on topics ranging from data structures, coding, algorithms, and more, said the release.

“It is inspiring to hear from women and tech leaders on hurdles they have faced and learn how to deal with the challenges or what the right approach is to follow. This event can clear the clouds of doubt or hesitation for many women and help us face and solve real-world problems more efficiently,” said Pradeepa, a software engineer.