Apple started rolling out the emergency SOS via satellite feature for iPhone 14 series. Apple iPhone 14 users can now connect with emergency services when cellular and Wi-Fi coverage are not available, states the report.

As per the company, the emergency SOS via satellite feature service will extend to France, Germany, Ireland, and the UK in December.

Apple emergency SOS via satellite feature.

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Emergency SOS via Satellite with a direct view of the sky, Apple iPhone 14‌ and iPhone 14 Pro models can alert emergency situations using a satellite connection. Apple made it clear that an alert might take up to 15 seconds to send in good conditions and longer in weaker conditions.

At the Apple event in September, Apple teased the feature saying it would officially roll out in November. The emergency feature is available to iOS 16.1 or later. Apple’s Emergency SOS via Satellite is available in the United States and Canada and will come to other countries in December. Apple also said that for the first two years since the launch, the feature will be cost-free, and the company might set charges in the future.

For example, if there is a car accident, the emergency SOS may ask about few details like location, iPhone battery level, what happened. Emergency alerts are sent through text messages, that allows rescuers to text back and forth with you.

‘My Location via Satellite’ feature

Apple emergency SOS feature can also alert emergency contacts, and can also be used to update the location via “Find My” app when there is no network connection. When there is no net connection, an option to update the location through the “My Location via Satellite” feature under the “Me” tab in the ‌”Find My‌” app.