Apple has reportedly ‘paused’ the advancement of its Wi-Fi chip, as stated by the tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a Twitter post. Kuo said that Apple has plans to hold off the halt for a while.

There is a possibility that Apple has halted chip development to focus on developing the advanced 3NM chips that will be used in its upcoming devices.

Apple supplier Broadcom will continue providing the tech giant with Wi-Fi chips in the near future, and possibly supply chips for iPhone 15 line-up set to launch in 2023.

Earlier in January, reports surfaced that Apple is making an all-in-one cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth chip to replace the resources from Broadcom by 2025. Apple’s move to make in-house components may mean that the company is aiming for low reliance on third-party companies.

Additionally, Apple is reportedly working to replace Qualcomm’s radio-frequency and wireless-charging chips.