Arch0, a cloud security platform, has raised $1.25 million in a pre-seed funding round, led by Leo Capital.

The round also saw participation from Village Global, Indian Silicon Valley Capital, Appreciate Capital, SuperMorpheus, and notable angel investors.

Founded in late 2022, Arch0 introduces an approach that centralises identity as the foundational element of cloud security, embedding proactive and automated security measures across the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

It is helmed by Nithin Jois and Tilak Thimmappa who bring nearly a decade of experience in various aspects of cybersecurity, from product security and DevSecOps to cloud security.

The start-up plans to allocate the raised capital for attracting and onboarding talent for its core team. Additionally, a substantial portion of the funds will be deployed towards advancing the use of AI in cloud security.

Nithin Jois, CEO & Co-founder, Arch0, said, “We are transforming cloud security, shifting from static daily dashboards to providing dynamic, real-time insights accessible anytime, wherever users are. We’re not just offering a platform but embedding security as a fundamental layer of the cloud experience. Our proprietary AI-powered solution provides an immediate understanding of the ‘who, what, when, where, and how’ of each security incident, ensuring issues are addressed before they escalate.”

The start-up also plans to strengthen its marketing and educational initiatives to educate users about the nuances of cloud security, the role of AI, and best practices for safeguarding digital assets. Through this, the start-up aims to create a more informed, secure, and resilient ecosystem for its users.

Arch0’s solution goes over and above a ‘code-to-cloud’ strategy, operating autonomously and furnishing comprehensive insights into every security incident. This capability ensures swift, effective remediation, empowering businesses to effortlessly elevate their cloud security, enhancing resilience and compliance, said the company.

As its immediate goal, Arch0 strives to introduce enterprise-grade security to medium-sized enterprises (MSEs) managing sensitive data and navigating stringent regulations. For the longer term, its vision extends further as it plans to rapidly evolve its offerings to address the complex security challenges faced by larger enterprises.