Aprecomm, a cloud-based automated solutions provider for better Wi-Fi performance, has bagged a deal from Asianet Satellite Communications Limited (ASCL), a leading multi-service operator (MSO) and Internet Service Provider (ISP), to engineer ‘a technological shift to enhance customer experience through advanced network automation and seamless internet services.’ 

The partnership offers ASCL enhanced capabilities to manage and monitor customer premises equipment, a spokesman for Aprecomm said. ASCL has a dominant presence in Kerala and is a strong player in other South Indian states. Its estimated 1.5 million customers will benefit through integrating the Aprecomm vendor-agnostic technology that will ‘significantly reduce complaint resolution times and raise quality of consumer experience’ through its remote monitoring stack.

Needs and pain points

Murthy Chaganti, MD and CEO, ASCL, said customer centricity is a top priority for the MSO-ISP. “We believe the more we understand the needs and pain points of our customers, the better would be our ability to delight them. Association with Aprecomm and its empowering technology will further enhance our quest for superior customer experience.”

Pramod Gummaraj, CEO, Aprecomm

Pramod Gummaraj, CEO, Aprecomm

Pramod Gummaraj, CEO, Aprecomm, said he is excited to partner with ASCL since Network automation is crucial in facilitating the seamless transition of ISPs to the realm of internet experience providers. Aprecomm’s products help service providers lower maintenance costs and improve customer satisfaction. Guharajan Sivakumar, CTO, Aprecomm, said the vendor agnostic will enhance ASCL’s capability to manage and monitor customer premises equipment via a seamlessly integrated interface. This guarantees a superior internet experience to subscribers and an improved customer visibility product to ASCL. 

Internet experience matters
Guharajan Sivakumar, CTO, Aprecomm

Guharajan Sivakumar, CTO, Aprecomm

Gummaraj told businessline the connectivity industry has been on an upward trend globally. Numerous emergency connectivity programmes have been developed by governments to ensure outreach. Following the pandemic, internet access has transformed from a luxury to a necessity. “WiFi and the internet have become synonymous, and subscribers demand a quality service even if it incurs a small price increase.”

Working from not just a home, but from anywhere is the buzzword. Most corporates have enhanced infrastructure to ensure productivity is maintained. “It is not just connectivity anymore. It is about internet experience, Gummaraj said. “The subjective nature of this space calls for technological intervention. Our network intelligence solutions help boost the internet experience of ASCL customers. Concerns such as “why is my internet slow” or “why is my internet down” are defining this experience. We address these concerns with solutions that deploy artificial intelligence (AI)-based technologies.”

Zero downtime need

Networks undergo a profound transformation and are increasingly intricate, making network maintenance a Herculean task. Aprecomm taps into data science, machine learning and AI, which empower networks with self-awareness, self-organisation, and self-healing capabilities. This ensures proactive troubleshooting, minimises downtime and improves overall connectivity.

Customers demand reliable internet services, Gummaraj noted. They want to connect devices to the network immediately and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity from anywhere. Although they expect zero downtime, in inevitable cases, they want it to be as minimal as possible. Network automation offers them as quick internet access as possible and equips service providers with predictive and proactive maintenance to reduce downtime.

Monitoring customer premises

Monitoring of customer premises equipment will bring about a major change in the way customers interact with service providers, Gummaraj said. Customer support would be more proactive in monitoring and measuring the experience. “With Aprecomm solution in place, ASCL support teams can call customers and provide a solution. If ASCL support gets the call, engineers can rapidly provide solutions without asking redundant questions as Aprecomm provides real-time and historical customer experience at finger tips with reasoning and resolution.”.