Blockchain start-up Zebi Data India Private Ltd, which has created a secure land record solution for the greenfield Andhra Pradesh Capital Amaravati, is betting big on the technology’s applications for other sectors such as hospitality, education, retail and logistics.

The Visakhapatnam-based start-up, with about 30 employees, is planning to hire about 900 by 2022 as it targets a revenue of $60 million. The company, which raised $10 million recently to fund its growth plans, hopes to become profitable by that year.

“After securing land records with Blockchain, we have developed an AI Chain, extending the security layer to the hospitality industry. We have deployed the AI solution in over 200 hotels in Vizag,” Babu Munagala, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zebi Data, has said.

The Blockchain-based AI solution makes check-ins very easy, while helping hotels in keeping the data safe and making it easy for them to conform to data-sharing rules set by law-enforcing agencies.

“The hotels are supposed to share the information with the police, leaving it vulnerable for breaches. The secure technology would make it easy for them in doing this,” Babu Munagala said.

Addressing a press conference here, he said Zebi’s Artificial Intelligence Chain protected the guest data, while helping law enforcement officials in proactive identification and prevention of criminal activities.

The law requires hotels to provide personal identification data of guests to the police department on a daily basis. “Generally, they do it manually, leaving scope for misuse during transportation and storage of papers. Time to process the documents too is long,” he said.

“AI can help automate surveillance by employing algorithms for facial recognition, image analysis, while ensuring the security and protection of the data through Blockchain,” he said.

“We are planning to develop solutions for logistics as well,” Vinod Raghavan, Vice-President (Sales and Marketing), said.