Artificial intelligence, just like the PC, the Internet, and the smartphone before it, will transform industries and the way we live and work, Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell has said.

Delivering his keynote address at the Dell Technologies World Conference in Las Vegas on Monday, Dell said: “.. there are dangers with these technologies and we have to manage thoughtfully and responsibly and make sure these technologies reflect human values. But I’m an optimist, and throughout human history, we have successfully managed the risk of potentially existential technologies.”

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He said AI workloads are the fastest growing part of Dell’s cloud and infrastructure business and added that organisations will have many of their own private large language models to unleash the power of their secure data.

“Enterprises are gonna be able to train for simpler models on specific confidential data, less expensively and securely, driving breakthroughs in productivity and efficiency. And while these breakthroughs are really important, the real opportunity is to reimagine your organisation and what you can become given the super powers that AI is unleashing. And if you’re not already using AI across your organisation and thinking about reinvention, you are already behind them,” he said.

Highlighting Dell’s partnership with companies such as Hyundai, Microsoft and Lightstorm, he said there’s no one answer for every workload, but there’s a right answer to optimise every workload for performance and cost.

“Now imagine a future where all of the clouds and the edge come together and look like one system. To make this happen will take an ecosystem, and our ecosystem keeps getting stronger and bigger and broader. [For Dell] Multicloud by design isn’t just a tagline, we’re making it real. And here at Dell Technologies World over the next few days, we will release the largest expansion ever to our APEX offerings, bringing customers a modern cloud experience and consumption model built for Multicloud.”

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Talking about challenges facing enterprises, Chuck Whitten, co-CEO of Dell Technologies, said: “The dynamics of work are forever changed. Remote and hybrid working patterns of the pandemic, combined with years of technology innovation, have fundamentally changed people’s expectations of work. And companies are struggling with where it goes from here. So let me give you the answer. The answer is, there is no one answer. Every company has to decide what works for their culture and in their competitive environment. But more importantly, there is no one-size-fits-all for work inside the company.”

‘India investments will continue to grow’

In a media briefing post his keynote address at the Dell Technologies World conference, Michael Dell applauded the Indian government for initiatives such as the Productivity Linked Incentive scheme. Responding to a question from businessline, Dell said: “I applaud the Indian government’s efforts. India’s proposition will benefit from the desire to develop a more resilient global supply chain.”

Talking about Dell’s Indian journey, he said: “You know we set up in India 24 years ago and we now have extensive operations, including serving our customers in India on sales, R&D, service...basically everything Dell does across the world. We see India as a valuable market. Our investment in India will only continue to grow not only with the growth of the Indian market but with the growth in business in the region.”

(This correspondent was in Las Vegas at the invitation of Dell Technologies)