Coromandel International Ltd’s shares rose 0.40 per cent after the company inaugurated its nanotechnology center in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, as a part of its effort to advance nano solutions in agriculture. The center is Coromandel’s sixth Research and Development facility and the second Tech Centre, which focuses on the development of nano-enabled agro-inputs for plant nutrition and crop protection.

The Nanotechnology Center will conduct research in the synthesis, characterization, biosafety testing, and evaluation of nano-products. Its primary aim is to contribute to the broader application of nano-inputs in agriculture by disseminating scientific data and knowledge to farmers, scientists, and policymakers. Additionally, the center will serve as the central laboratory for all nano-products of Coromandel and will have the capability to develop a diverse range of bioproducts.

Coromandel International Limited recently introduced Nano DAP. The company also developed a Nano Urea formulation containing 12 per cent nitrogen (w/w), currently undergoing extensive farmer trials. Plans are underway for the establishment of an integrated Nano products manufacturing facility in Kakinada.

The shares rose 0.40 per cent to ₹1,122.85 at 11.30 am on the BSE.