Dukaan, a SaaS platform for online stores has partnered with content creation platforms ShareChat and Moj to enable its merchants to collaborate with creators present on the platforms to promote their products through video and live content.

Launching first on Moj this month, this partnership will enable small and medium businesses on Dukaan, present across different regions of India, to promote their products and services with the help of regional creators on the content creation platforms. These businesses will acquire another sales channel to grow their presence beyond Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social ads. 

Monetisation opportunities

This partnership will also provide monetisation opportunities to the creators present on Moj and ShareChat, making video and live commerce a sustainable revenue stream. Earlier this year, Moj launched live and video commerce on its platform and has witnessed growth in revenue and creator monetisation, said the company. 

Suumit Shah, CEO of Dukaan, said, “Dukaan has built a unique network of merchants through its mobile-first approach and razor-sharp focus on SMBs. ShareChat and Moj bring a highly scalable and efficient vehicle to reach their target audience and grow their business on this modern, future-ready platform.” 

Social commerce

Social commerce can be a powerful sales tool for merchants as it will help improve the user purchasing experience on product selection, price/offers discovery, and catalog description, creating deep purchase intent, said the company. 

Amit Zunjarwad, Chief Product Officer of ShareChat and Moj, said, “This partnership will unlock the next growth phase of India’s e-commerce story. ShareChat and Moj together are among India’s top three content aggregators. In this new era of content-led commerce, creators will help bring relevant products from a range of merchants to their followers through engaging and entertaining content.”

Dukaan is a Do-it-yourself (DIY) platform that enables merchants with zero programming skills to set up their e-commerce stores using smartphones. 

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