Facebook has shared an update on plans to make End-to-End encryption a default function, and has begun testing the feature this week for fewer chats.

Currently, Messenger users have the option to turn on end-to-end encryption for desired chats, but such opt-in features are only used by a few.

Meta-owned Facebook will also begin testing behaviours in an end-to-end encrypted environment like syncing between devices. Messenger users can now unsend messages and reply to Facebook Stories, all under one end-to-end encrypted space. In addition, the company plans to introduce end-to-end encryption to calls made via Messenger. Encryption will also carry over to those using hands-free responses on Ray-Ban Stories.

Facebook tests for default E2E Encryption

Facebook tests for default E2E Encryption | Photo Credit: -

Secure Storage

Facebook is also testing secure storage for its Messenger for backed up messages in someone lost their phone or want to restore their message history on another device.

PIN for restoring backup under Secure Storage feature

PIN for restoring backup under Secure Storage feature | Photo Credit: -

The social media company said that secure storage will be made default to protect the history of end-to-end decrypted conversations on Messenger, and people will have multiple options for restoring messages if one chooses to do so.

One will also be able to create a PIN or might even do so through third-party apps. For iOS users, a secret key can also be stored in iCloud that will allow access to backups.