Tata Consultancy CEO, K Krithivasan believes that artificial intelligence will disrupt employment opportunities in the short term, however eventually there will be more work.

Speaking at the Nasscom Technology Leadership Forum on Wednesday, Krithivasan, said, “As you see with every tech, there will be some disruption, but eventually we will have more work. We believe that we have to continue to hire the same number of people as we are hiring right now. But we will probably need to change the way we train people, and the kind of people we hire will also change, but we don’t need to reduce the number of people.”

Changes will occur in the middle of the tech value chain, as per Krithivasan, however, jobs requiring critical thinking skills such as design and validation of code will still be in demand. Krithivasan added that AI will increase productivity for the mid level coder.

As the firm battles with tough macroeconomic headwinds, Krithivasan further added that the situation is set to improve in FY25. “The next (financial year) will be better than this year,  the reason is that some of the industry verticals that are large for us, we are seeing greenshoots. So the coming year is going to be better than 2023.”

Speaking on the India AI advantage, Krithivasan added, “Productivity is just one benefit of generative AI, but using gen AI you can create value across a whole gamut of verticals.” The diversity of Indians and their exposure to different ways of doing work could create the India AI advantage, he added.