Enterprises need to create a platform that is general purpose so that anybody who wants to take advantage of this platform can easily build on it.

Addressing a gathering of software developers at the SQLServerGeeks annual summit, T K Rengarajan, Corporate VP- Data Platform, Cloud and Enterprise, Microsoft said that with Internet, social and other kinds of data increasing, data business is booming and the global data market that is available for data platforms to tap is a whopping $1.6 trillion. With such a huge market opportunity, there is a need for a general purpose platform, he said.

Maximum uptake to happen across e-commerce, manufacturing, retail to highlight a few and easiest uptake will be areas where privacy considerations are minimum.  

The Data business at Microsoft manages 1.5 million databases and collects 70 TB of data daily, according to officials. "The key focus for the data platform would be to make data simpler and more capable," said Rengarajan.