The Union Minister for Communications and Technology, Mr Kapil Sibal, today categorically said that the Government will not censor the social media.

“No Government in India wants to ever censor the social media,” he said here while inaugurating the three-day Nasscom India Leadership Forum today.

However, Mr Sibal made it clear that “we need to make sure that everybody obeys the laws of the country. If the print media and visual media obey the laws, the social media can also obey the laws,’’ he said.

It may be recalled that in December Mr Sibal met leading social networking firms like Google, Facebook and Twitter to suggest ways for effective usage of these social platforms.

Lauds IT sector

On the IT sector, Mr Sibal said achieving $100 billion over the last two decades is not a small task. “I consider the IT to be the ubiquitous sector not just for Indian economy but for global economy. It is helping in the transformation of economies not only in India but also in global sectors. It is impacting every sector of the economy,’’ he said.

IT is servicing the service economy, helping the manufacturing and agricultural sectors, and improving the lives of citizens. It is the backbone of any transformative economy especially in the context of the 21st century.

IT is getting into manufacturing in a big way; it is going to change the agricultural sector and also change the way the Government will function.

Assures global investors

“The Government is committed to creating an environment in the years to come to ensure that the IT sector grows; and the sector is allowed to nurture the geniuses, and create solutions for not just India but other economies of the world.

“In India, I do not see any part of the economy, which will not be touched by the IT industry. It is in this context, that we need to give global investors a clear message that the policies are going to be clear; the policies will be such that there will not be any hiccups, and an assurance that you can invest in India with the clear objective of making profits and provide inclusive growth that we talk about. This is the task that the Government should perform,’’ he said.