Hackers come up with yet another idea to dupe people. Their latest trick involves luring people by offering them a chance to ‘spin a wheel’ to win a prize.

They have started concealing phishing links through WhatsApp and other social media apps that, when clicked on, would direct the users to a lucky spin wheel game.

“The users will get a message saying that they have won a phone or any other other prize. In the background, the software siphons off data from the victim’s phones. The victims would end up losing money from their wallets and bank accounts,” said Cyberabad sleuths.

“The hackers encourage the users to forward the links to their contacts in order to cast their net wider,” they said. The police launched a probe into the scam after receiving a few complaints from the victims.

Asking the people to be cautious, they warned the users against clicking suspicious links.

“You need to check the veracity of the links. If you click such links your personal data may get compromised. One should not fall for gift baits,” they said in a statement.