HP Inc has partnered with Metal Injection Molding (MIM) company Indo-MIM to mass produce metal 3D parts in India. The company is looking at a nearly 40 per cent growth in India, said Savi Baveja, President of Personalisation and 3D Printing, HP.

With HP’s 3D Binder Jet technology, INDO-MIM has enabled large-scale production of 3D printed high-precision metal parts for automotive, aerospace, defence, consumer electronics, and medical equipment segments, two potential clients being DRDO and ISRO.

As part of the collaboration, INDO-MIM has acquired three HP Metal Jet S100 printers. Two of these printers will offer localised assistance to clients in India while aiding in production expansion. One will focus on material innovation and the other on application development for customers in India, the Middle East, and the wider Asia-Pacific region. The third printer has been stationed at INDO-MIM’s facility in Texas, USA.

“What you’re seeing here is not just a prototyping capability. It is a real production capability. This is going to be made in India, made for India, and made from India for the world,” said Baveja.

As per the company, the Binder-Jet 3D printing process offers 10 times more production efficiency than other additive manufacturing methods. It results in very little to no waste and provides nearly total freedom in designing the parts.

“The Binder Jet 3D printing process is an incredible solution that needs problems to solve. In the last 30 or 40 years the defense industry has imported a lot of military equipment. Given the current geopolitical situation, INDO-MIM can make spare parts and help the country reduce imports and enhance national security and readiness,” said Krishna Chivukula Jr, CEO, Indo-MIM.

Unlike various laser additive manufacturing techniques, there is nearly 19 per cent shrinkage that also has to be calculated in the printing process. Currently, the system requires several iterations of a part to get them right, however, INDO-MIM is working on developing a process software to reduce that issue.

Furthermore, HP and INDO-MIM are testing new HP Metal Jet materials like M2 tool steel. According to them, these new materials improve properties and precision, making metal 3D printing even better.

(Reported by BL intern Vidushi Nautiyal)