Hybrid mode of operation is increasing among IT companies in Kerala, realising the concept as an efficient pattern of working.

A survey conducted by GTech, a consortium of IT companies, said about 42 per cent of firms have fully resumed their office operations, 38 per cent have adopted a hybrid model and only 20 per cent continue to work entirely from home.

A total of 165 companies and employees in Technopark, Infopark, Cyberpark, and associated satellite parks participated in the survey.

The results of the survey also show that various companies have organised arts, culture, sports, and celebratory events, including office outings in connection with the back-to-office initiatives, and provided an opportunity for the workers to interact. It is also estimated that more companies are planning to fully resume office operations by the next financial year.

Hybrid working mode

A rise in employee resignations has led to an increased adoption of hybrid working methods as companies try to resume full operations. In addition, shifting to work from home pattern due to the pandemic made the companies realise the advantages and disadvantages of this working style, which led to endorsing the hybrid approach.

“After Covid-19, all the companies have organised their operations in an efficient way to accommodate the best working environment for their employees. The pandemic has completely changed our way of life. It has had its effect on our work pattern and lifestyle,” said Sreekumar V, Secretary, GTech.

As the employees return to normalcy after the pandemic, all companies are trying to put their best efforts to create a productive environment. Organisations are willing to provide the preferred working pattern for their employees, be it work from home or back to the office, he added.