Jio Satellite Communications, a unit of Reliance Jio, has suggested to the telecom regulator that the assignment of spectrum should be done in a flexible manner so that it can be used for either terrestrial or satellite networks.

“This suggestion for flexible use of spectrum is based upon the latest changes in technology and standards which have allowed the creation of integrated and converged networks,” Jio Satellite said in a letter to TRAI.

“Several countries have been considering the assignment of spectrum for flexible use between terrestrial and satellite networks. In this regard, we would like to draw your attention towards the recent decision taken by the “Cabinet Economic Development Committee” of New Zealand on the “use of the 24-30 GHz radio spectrum for satellite and mobile services,” it added.

Jio has been advocating auction of satellite spectrum, while other players are in favour of administrative allocation. Jio has also submitted two legal opinions of former judges arguing in favour of auction.

“As you are aware, Spectrum is a finite and scarce resource, and is irreplaceable for the provision of wireless broadband connectivity, which is the core pillar of Digital India. Therefore, the Authority should ensure the optimum and evolving technology-centric assignment of spectrum. We submit that any fragmented assignment of spectrum between terrestrial and satellite usage would lead to inefficient use of such scarce resource and will also deny the consumer benefit of a seamless service provided through the converged network,” Jio said.