Jio’s video chat app JioMeet has recently been updated with a tweaked UI.

The app, Jio’s ‘Made in India’ answer to Zoom was launched earlier this month. At a glance, the app’s UI was strikingly similar to Zoom. This had led to a lot of backlash for the Indian telco giant with many jokingly calling it Jio Zoom.

A Twitter user (@shrinivassg)’s side by side comparison of the Android version of these two apps showed just how similar the overall look of JioMeet had been to Zoom.


From home screen to internal menus such as ‘Start a Meeting’ and ‘Schedule a Meeting’ the app was an almost exact copy with minor UI differences.

Last week, reports of Zoom mulling legal action against Jio had surfaced. Zoom had claimed that they were “used to” the competition.

Jio, on the other hand, has made attempts to further tweak its UI to distinguish itself from the video conferencing app.

One cannot say that the app has been completely revamped as the UI changes, however, are still quite limited.

Jio has now adopted a new colour scheme- Orange and Dark Blue for its app. It has also changed its top and bottom menu bars with updated icons and buttons


The ‘New Meeting,’ ‘Join Meeting’ and ‘Schedule Meeting’ options within the menu at the top have now been changed to ‘Start New Meeting,’ ‘Join a Meeting,’ and ‘Plan a Meeting’, respectively.

The ‘Meet and Chat’ option in the bottom menu which was similar to Zoom has now been changed to ‘Contacts’ and the original Contacts button has now been switched to Home.

The extended menus are still pretty much the same except for the new dark blue colour scheme.

Though it is missing some of Zoom’s popular meetings and background customisations. JioMeet has a few features which may add to its advantage.

JioMeet, unlike Zoom, has a participant limit of up to 100 people while calls can go up to 24 hours at a stretch. JioMeet users can also switch from one device to another without dropping the call. The app also allows nine active participants on a single mobile screen.

Most recently, another major Indian telco Airtel launched its own version of Verizon-backed video conferencing app BlueJeans in India to compete with Zoom and JioMeet.